The DukiyaHost Web Hosting Control Panel is one of the key features of our Linux shared web hosting services platform. It represents a new and intuitive method for managing your websites and everything associated with them. We have prepared all the tools that you will need for your everyday website administration requirements.

One of the most important attributes of the DukiyaHost Web Hosting Control Panel is that it is the only Web Hosting Control Panel that you’ll need – you’ll no longer have to sign into several places. You can finally manage your domain names, your sites and your payment transactions from a single location. Scroll down to see what else we have prepared for you.

Email Account Manager

Email management is easy with us

When you run a website, you need to also manage all the e–mail boxes associated with it. And whilst composing emails is very easy, administering the respective mailboxes could be tough. You may need to cope with unsolicited bulk mail messages, to set up email filters, to worry about security issues, etc.

With our Email Account Manager, you’ll see that administering e–mailbox accounts is not difficult at all. You will obtain quick access to all key functions (you can forward mails, create email filters, activate anti–spam protection, etc.) and you can administer multiple email accounts at once.

Email Account Manager

Domain Manager

Manage everything from a single place

The Domain Manager is the only place you have to visit in order to administer your domain names. With only a few clicks, you can redirect or park domains, change WHOIS information or update DNS resource records.

The best of all is that, when you are done, you can immediately begin working on your site – you can upload new files, set up databases or install applications. All thanks to the fact that all the tools are located in a single Web Hosting Control Panel.

Domain Manager

File Manager

Web file management in the cyber era

Web file managers have been in existence for many years. Yet, they’re clunky, slow, difficult to work with and feature–poor. We have changed that. Our File Manager acts more like a desktop file manager than a regular web file manager. You can upload files by dragging & dropping them, or move files and directories from one place to another. You can make use of our inbuilt code editors and preview photos. You can zip/unzip files or folders directly online.

And everything’s done with only a mouse click.

File Manager

Hepsia vs. cPanel

Juxtapose the two famous Web Hosting Control Panels

cPanel is the most popular Web Hosting Control Panel on the World Wide Web and it can help you get the job done for sure. Still, it lacks the user–friendliness you would anticipate in the era of flexible and user–friendly user interfaces. In contrast, the Web Hosting Control Panel is new and is built to work equally well now and in the future. It’s remarkably fast, intuitive and comes bundled with a plethora of free tools to help you easily kick off your online presence.

Hepsia vs. cPanel

Online Statistics Manager

Be perfectly informed on your web site statistics without 3rd–party apps

Normally, to see what is happening with your web site visitors, you have to create an account with a third–party company, to get tracking code from them, to place it on every page on your web site and to wait around for the stats themselves. With our Online Statistics Manager, all you have to do is publish your site online.

We will take care of all the statistics automatically for you, without you having to customize anything on your end. At any given time, you’ll be able to see how many people have looked up your site lately and how much time they have spent on it. What is more, you will obtain access to real–time statistics about the most–visited pages, the pages on which your visitors first land when opening your web site, the pages from which they leave your website and much more.

Online Statistics Manager
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  • We feature a GeoIP re–direction tool, a Sitemap Generation tool, an RSS News Feeds tool and various other Site Optimization Applications, to make it easier to promote your websites more effectively.

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  • When using the Web Hosting Control Panel, you can actually set up your own website in seconds. Just simply opt for a theme for your site and after that specify the place you want it to be installed. That’s it. A new web site will be on the internet with only a press.

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