Many individuals who start using their first web hosting account, or change companies, normally have enquiries with respect to how particular tasks are carried out or bump into problems when setting up different things such as emails, website settings, and so on. That’s the reason why, some hosting companies have prepared documentation with frequently asked questions and problems in order to help their customers receive info quickly and seamlessly. As a result, the help desk support staff members can devote more time to real issues that some customers may be experiencing, since the solution for the minor things will be available online and clients will be able to solve them without touching base with the customer service team. Having elaborate documentation is vital, particularly for new clients without any prior experience, because the web hosting service involves a vast amount of features and many individuals can become confused about what action to take. A good information repository can both help you complete the things that you wish and get to know how the web hosting service functions as a whole.

Extensive Online Documentation in Shared Web Hosting

If you get a shared web hosting account through us, you will have access to our thorough online help documentation where you will find info about more or less everything related to our hosting solutions. The topics cover anything from how to create an email address on your phone, to how to do different things using an .htaccess config file. The articles themselves are written in a simple-to-grasp way and feature detailed manuals on how to complete a given operation in your Hepsia hosting Control Panel. You can also find info that is not connected directly with Hepsia, for instance one that concerns web-based applications on your desktop computer. The whole archive of articles will be located in the Control Panel’s Help section, but those that are applicable to a specific Control Panel section can be accessed on the spot. Considering the fact that we’ve encompassed as many topics as possible, you will be able to learn pretty much everything connected with your hosting account.

Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our Linux semi-dedicated hosting services include comprehensive online documentation where you will find information on all the features that our in-house created Hepsia hosting Control Panel comes with, as well as solutions to various questions and challenges that you may encounter. All installation manuals include step-by-step descriptions, which is the reason why you won’t have to worry about omitting something in case you would like to export a database, for example. The troubleshooting articles include a variety of different possible reasons for given problems and the solution for each one of them, so in case you’re unable to send emails even though you have the right SMTP server settings, for instance, you can quickly see what the reason for this may be and correct the issue with several mouse clicks in your email client. As Hepsia offers quite a few features, you’ll be able to find relevant articles in every single section. In case you’d like to examine all help articles, click on the Help link, which is located in the upper right-hand side of the page.